Yoga Therapy For The Mind

Eight Week Course

Course Overview

The Eight-Week Course is an evidence-based course for the treatment of anxiety and mild depression created by Heather Mason at the Minded Institute. It is designed to provide individuals with the skills that they need in the short-term to provide relief and in the long term to foster deep transformation. A sound foundation of neuroscience and medicine support the efficacy of the yoga and mindfulness practices.

You will learn how the mind and body influence each other, some basic yoga postures, gentle breathing techniques, mindfulness and relaxation practices. You will be encouraged and guided to work within your own capacity. Practices may be modified to suit specific requirments.

Course Details

The Eight Week Course:

  • Runs for 8 sessions
  • Each Session is 2 hours long
  • A manual is provided along with a CD set / downloads for home practice
  • Home practice is an essential component of the course

The group is small (maximum 8) and provides an opportunity to come together in a supportive, welcoming environment to experience and to learn.

The course is primarily for those suffering with all kinds of anxiety disorders except PTSD. Individuals suffering with stress are also welcome. Acceptance on the course follows a telephone conversation with Julie and submission of a booking form.

Please note - commitment to home practice is essential. Guidelines and information are given in the session as well as in the course manual and no previous yoga experience is necessary.


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